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Master the Art of Donut Decorating and Win Our Foodie Game!

We want to see what fun donut creations our Olympic Wholesale customers can create using the plain ring #20035 and plain shell #20036 from DC Donut Bakery!

Olympic Wholesale in partnership with DC Donut Bakery is holding a contest for our customers to have a chance at winning one of two cases of either plain ring or plain shell donuts from DC Donut Bakery.

To Participate

Step 1: Customers, get creative and decorate your DC Donut Bakery donuts! (plain ring #20035 or plain shell #20036)

Step 2: Take a picture and post to Instagram and/or Facebook.

Step 3: Tag Olympic Wholesale and DC Donut Bakery

Step 4: Winner by random draw for qualified participants* will be announced w/o March 4th,


Contest runs December 4th, 2023 to March 1st, 2024. Qualified participants include Olympic Wholesale customers with an established customer account. Contest reward will be provided with next scheduled customer order delivery or pick up, following the draw date.

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