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Rustic Bread

About Us

Olympic Wholesale Co. Ltd. is a well-known distributor of baking ingredients and supplies, founded in 1936.

With over 4,000 products, we proudly serve small to large sized industrial bakeries, food service providers, and retailers throughout Canada and the United States. In order to help your business to grow, we can provide your business with superior distribution services and excellent quality ingredients, sourced from all over the world.

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Our History


  • Our family based company was originally founded as a manufacturer of preserves, jams and pie fillings named Pure Foods Preserving Company.


  • Olympic Wholesale establishes its main focus on the distribution of bakery and food service ingredients and supplies to accommodate this growing sector.


  • With a growing public demand for quality bakery supplies, Olympic Wholesale Co. Ltd. opened a retail outlet store on Parliament Street, being one of the first bulk food and ingredient retailers in the Greater Toronto Area.


  • Having out grown its retail location, Olympic Wholesale relocated to its first warehouse facility, in Pickering, to meet the demands of wholesale distribution. With a good understanding of the needs of the baking, food service and retail industry of Ontario, Olympic Wholesale began its distribution across Canada and into the United States.


  • To meet the demands of increased client base and products lines, Olympic Wholesale needed to relocate to a larger facility. Our current location, at 75 Green Court in Ajax, was custom built with Olympic Wholesale and its customers in mind.

Rustic Bread

Our strength is the ability to adapt to the ever changing market trends and we take pride in tailoring our inventories to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Our Private Label Brands

Pure Food Products have been all natural, preservative free and "clean label", since 1936. The product line-up includes items such as pan spray, syrups, frozen finished baked goods, unbaked pastries, pie fillings and pie shells.  

The Olympic Brand includes quality ingredients from seeds to shortening and fillings, to supplies like wooden skewers.

Tasty is a standard quality brand with a wide variety of product categories. Products include such items as fillings, frozen produce, spreads, mixes, icings, batters, sprinkles and finished baked goods.

The Bakers Brand is for those customers looking for economical products that work well in a variety of applications. The product lines includes liquid sweeteners, pie fillings, honey, bread crumbs, shortening, margarines and more.

The Whole-Lotta line up includes natural vanilla & coconut toasted marshmallows, ganaches, glazes and chocolate coating pieces for all your decadent dessert creations.

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