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Butter Danish & Croissant Pastry Product Innovation Workshop

Olympic Wholesale, in partnership with Bridor, is hosting a free workshop and demonstration on the simple and effective ways you can use Bridor's Butter Danishes and Butter Croissants. You too, can create a wide selection of exciting and diverse pastries for your bakery or food service establishment, by using just one or both of these products.

Attendees will also participate in the exclusive launch and sampling of a new and exciting Bridor product. Easily diversify your product offerings and help to bring some of your desserts to the "next level" without any work at all! One lucky attendee will also have a chance to win a case of this new product!

Space is limited so secure your spot as soon as possible! This workshop is intended for professionals of the baking and food service industry only. Proof of employee or business ownership is required.

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