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Rustic Bread

Your Go-To-Wholesaler for Ingredients, Food Products & Supplies


Bakery Supplies & Ingredients For Small Businesses

Are you looking to save time and money, access high-quality ingredients at competitive prices, and streamline your operations? 

Find everything you need to create delicious and innovative baked goods, which will stand out from the competition, with the help of Olympic Wholesale's convenient ordering, pick up and delivery options.

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Commercial & Industrial

Baking Ingredients & Supplies For Mid to Large Sized Bakeries & Manufacturers

With Olympic Wholesale as your distributor, you can rest assure that your company will have access to:

  • A large variety of bakery specific ingredients, with the cost savings of ordering in bulk, all from one place. 

  • A knowledgeable Quality Assurance and Research & Development Team to verify and test the quality and characteristics of products.

  • An efficient inventory and warehousing system, with company owned fleet transportation, will ensure timely delivery and a high ratio fill rate.

  • A dedicated Sales and Customer Service Team to answer your questions and take your orders in a timely manner.


Ready-to-Bake & Finished Goods For Retail Bakeries and Grocery Stores

Using Olympic Wholesale for ready-to-bake and finished bakery products can provide your retail establishment with convenient, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions for meeting your customers' demands for bakery products, including breads, cakes, muffins, pastries and cookies.

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Food Service

Ingredients, Supplies, Ready-to-Bake & Finished Goods for the Food Service Industry

Olympic Wholesale understands the balance of competitive pricing and a consistence supply of quality ingredients is key to keeping your customers happy and the continued success of your food service or restaurant business. Enjoy the variety of ingredients and products that we offer, with the flexibility to meet the needs of caterers, institutions, independent and chain restaurants.

Our Valued  Vendors

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